What makes us unique?

TRAINING TREE is a training and consulting company that provides its services to corporations, government organizations, and private clients.

We specialize in training, coaching, and business consulting projects. We approach each undertaking individually and with full attention. Our goal is to provide clients with comprehensive support and tailor-made solutions. In our work, we combine practical, years of business experience with the latest research and scientific knowledge.

To ensure comprehensive support, we collaborate with many trainers and business practitioners. Our team consists of carefully selected experts who hold numerous certifications from international business organizations.

Our certification

Our mission

The mission of TRAINING TREE is to foster the development of individuals and companies, helping them discover and unlock their full potential.

We believe that every individual and company possesses potential that can be nurtured and developed. However, to make this possible, the right conditions are necessary.

Company Name and Logo

The name TRAINING TREE was created by the company’s founder, Dr. Marcin Capiga.

The first part of the name (from “training”) refers to the company’s main activity, which is conducting group training and workshops. The second part of the name (from “tree”) symbolizes growth and development based on strong foundations, namely the company’s mission and values.

In our logo, there is a symbol of a soaring bird, which represents unlocking the potential of individuals and companies. At TRAINING TREE, we believe that every person has potential that can be developed, but they need the right conditions for it.