What is consulting?

“You cannot see new things unless you change the way you look at them.” – Edward de Bono

Consulting for us is the search for and proposing a range of solutions and inspirations necessary for achieving business goals. TRAINING TREE consultants are a team of carefully selected experts who continuously develop their competencies and possess broad knowledge and business experience.

Our areas of specialization include

  • Recruitment
  • Introducing new positions in the company
  • Assessment Center/Development Center
  • Outplacement
  • Incentive systems
  • Change management
  • Improving communication processes
  • Creating and implementing management standards in the company
  • Building effective teams
  • Development and management of sales forces
  • Creating and implementing customer service standards (e.g., standards book)

Check what else we can do for you

Business Coaching

According to J. Whitmore, business coaching involves reaching the individual potential of a person to ultimately maximize the effectiveness of their actions. Clients of business coaching include managers, directors, entrepreneurs, leaders, as well as anyone who wants to develop their professional competencies and increase their effectiveness.


Competency audit

Assessment Center and Development Center (AC/DC) are methods based on the observation of employees' competency data through behaviors demonstrated during business simulations. Our experienced experts, specializing in competency assessment, will diagnose the potential of your organization, team, or candidate for a specific position. They will also show and help tailor appropriate development actions.