What is coaching?

“More people waste time and energy discussing problems than actually trying to solve them.” – Henry Ford


According to J. Whitmore, coaching is about reaching an individual’s potential to ultimately maximize the effectiveness of their actions. It is a process that promotes learning and development. Interestingly, it does not involve teaching and giving advice.

We offer various types of coaching, which can be categorized into two groups:

Business coaching

(m.in. Executive Coaching, Team Coaching)

Life Coaching

(including Career Coaching, Relationship Coaching)

Why Coaching at TRAINING TREE?

Coaching at TRAINING TREE is based on Dilts’ logical levels, recognizing that our behavior is influenced not only by skills and the environment but also by factors such as beliefs, values, etc.

Reaching the appropriate levels, such as changing beliefs or understanding one’s mission, enhances our effectiveness and yields long-lasting results. It helps in developing new habits for effective performance.

Our Coaches are professionals holding international certifications from ICF and EMCC. They possess extensive business experience and have accumulated a substantial number of coaching hours, catering to both corporate assignments and individual clients.

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Coaching Management Style

Coaching management style facilitates managers in managing diversity in a way that, instead of conflicts, achieves harmony and coherence within the team. Coaching can be an effective working method and management philosophy. Familiarity with coaching tools and understanding the essence of coaching management allows managers to design and implement appropriate solutions tailored to the specific needs of teams and the organization.