Marcin Capiga

Managing Director, Trainer, Coach, Consultant

zdjęcie Marcin Capiga

Managing Director of TRAINING TREE. Lecturer at the University of Warsaw and the Warsaw School of Business (MBA). Holds a PhD in Humanities, certified Coach by EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council), Belbin Team Roles® Consultant, Practitioner in the Art of NLP, Business Practitioner in the Art of NLP, certified business trainer, and certified change trainer. Possesses the European Certificate in Transactional Analysis 101.

Throughout his career as a trainer and coach, he has conducted over 12,000 hours of workshops, consultations, and individual and team coaching sessions. He specializes in business and life coaching, as well as training in interpersonal skills, Train the Trainer, team management, and managerial skills. He has worked with diverse groups of clients, ranging from managers and executives of large corporations to salespeople, officials, engineers, doctors, and law enforcement agencies such as anti-terrorism negotiators.

In 2014-2015, he was a lecturer at the PwC Coaching Academy (Business Coaching Diploma), preparing participants for work as certified business coaches. He has received the award for Best Lecturer at the University of Warsaw’s Open University twice.

He has coordinated and implemented training and coaching projects for companies, organizations, and institutions such as Amica, Bank PKO BP, Benefit Systems, Bracco, CBA, Citi Bank Handlowy, DONG Energy, EDF, Institute of Aviation, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, NBP, Paribas, PKN Orlen, PwC, Siemens Finance, Warbud, Warta, ZT Kruszwica, and many others.

He is the author of the book “Motywacja przez wielkie M” published by REA-SJ Publishing and has written numerous articles for business magazines. His article from January 2016 titled “Why We Fail to Achieve New Year’s Resolutions” was featured on the cover of “Personel i Zarządzanie” magazine.