The coaching work style helps managers facilitate managing diversity in a way that, instead of conflicts, achieves harmony and cohesion within the team. Coaching can be an effective work methodology and management philosophy. Familiarity with coaching tools and understanding the essence of coaching management will enable managers to design and implement appropriate solutions tailored to the specific needs of teams and organizations.

During the training, participants will learn about work models applied in business and executive coaching. The training will be based on models like GROW, Dilts' logical levels analysis, the 2 + 2 formula, as well as effective questioning techniques and conversation facilitation.


  • Awareness of one’s own management and motivational style,
  • Understanding effective techniques and tools used in the coaching management style,
  • Practice of motivating conversations,
  • Learning and practicing methods of giving feedback,
  • Developing skills in setting effective goals for employees and delegating tasks.

Topics covered

  • Managerial feedback (STAR method, 2+2),
  • Motivational conversation,
  • Task delegation according to Sherman,
  • Management by objectives,
  • Motivation 3.0,
  • T-GROW,
  • Positive management,
  • Selected metaprograms – code for the recipient,
  • Matrix of resource integration,
  • Managerial message,
  • Pacing-leading,
  • Dilts’ logical levels.


CEO, Coach, Consultant

CEO of TRAINING TREE. Lecturer at the University of Warsaw and the Warsaw University of Technology Business School (MBA). Doctor of Humanities, certified EMCC Coach, Belbin Team Roles® Consultant, Practitioner and Business Practitioner in the Art of NLP.