Leadership is primarily about working on one's character. Balancing between different, sometimes opposing leadership styles. A leader has a demanding task ahead. They build the team's potential so that despite differences, people complement each other and achieve common goals. The challenge is, therefore, on one hand, being a leader who touches hearts, and on the other, someone who acts quickly, decisively, and changes course when needed, being flexible in the face of constant changes. What kind of leader are you for your people? What do you need for your task to become your passion?


  • Developing skills in applying different leadership styles,
  • Recognizing one’s own leadership style,
  • Resolving “difficult” situations within the team,
  • Developing delegation skills,
  • Increasing knowledge and competence in motivating employees,
  • Enhancing skills in effectively setting goals for employees.

Topics covered

  • Personal leadership styles,
  • Building authority,
  • Situational leadership according to Blanchard,
  • “Difficult conversations,” “difficult employees”,
  • Matching leadership styles to employee behavior,
  • Subordinate motivation,
  • Levels of task delegation according to Sherman,
  • Managerial communication,
  • Goal setting,
  • Influencing the FLOW state of one’s employees.


Trainer, Coach, Consultant

He is a management and sales practitioner with over a decade of experience in training and coaching. He specializes in programs aimed at enhancing personal effectiveness and advisory projects focused on improving management efficiency and team performance. He has conducted over 1000 days of group training and workshops.

Managing Director, Trainer, Coach, Consultant

Managing Director of TRAINING TREE. Lecturer at the University of Warsaw and the Warsaw University of Technology Business School (MBA). Doctor of Humanities, certified EMCC Coach, Belbin Team Roles® Consultant, Practitioner, and Business Practitioner in the Art of NLP.